Saturday, February 13, 2010

they are my last carbs until easter-i swear

I have been lazy, lazy, lazy all week. I didn't run enough, clean enough, play enough, sew enough, plan enough, write enough or even sleep enough. I did lots of puttering. Vacation was delightful but I was (am still, a little, exhausted)and I have found that it takes me a week or so to sort of ease back into my routine. I've been craving schedule and I wanted to jump right back in and have everything back to normal as soon as possible but I was just not quite motivated enough. Instead I looked for the perfect shade of teal nail polish (found!), made aprons and reread my favorite books. I did throw a V-day party for Tommy's' class and purchasing pre-made decorations and coordinating paper dishes was my greatest achievement of the week. I have been putting off decisions (must choose a school for Tommy, ugh!),tasks and plans. No more. This morning I woke up wanting my routine back. Also, whilst reading magazines instead of being productive I came across several housekeeping ideas I want to try. I am a little disappointed that there is no school on Monday because it means true normalcy doesn't return until Tuesday. Who knew one could be all excited about Tuesday.

In the mean time I will putter a little more and bake valentine cookies because baking is soothing and I adore a good cream cheese frosted, heart-shaped cookie. Or three.

Happy little sigh.

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3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

I have the exact same 'Sally' polish as in you picture except I painted on the lime instead of teal. It was AWESOME. Although my husband tells me I'm too old to wear lime green polish. What does he know, right? I love it!