Monday, December 21, 2009


So I was listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR on Saturday. (if you don't listen, you should, it makes Saturday way funnier). They referenced a recent study in which the scientists ( who obviously have way too much time on their hands) found that 92% of women remember the first pair of shoes they bought but that only two thirds of women remember to whom they gave their first kiss. Shenanigans, I say! I am way more shoe-centric than many women and I can't remember the first pair of shoes I bought (not that I don't fondly remember many lovely pairs) but I totally remember kissing Jared at Sugarhouse Park in the ninth grade. Maybe they only interviewed like three people or something. Either way, I hope those weren't my tax dollars they were throwing on the fire because I fail to see any use for such a study and I am a big supporter of the shoe arts. And kissing.


Linn said...

Love Wait, Wait and I happen to have heard that part of the program. Not comment on my memories, but it was funny!

Linn said...

I meant "no comment" actually.

Dena said...

Wow, that brings back a memory I thought was forgotten. I am really embarrassed about this... sometimes you need to try something more than once to get the hang of it. It actually might become one of your favorite things.

My first kiss was in Jr. Hi. I had a girlfriend who had a big brother (one year older, so much wiser) and as we were just talking, he put his hand behind my neck and kissed me... Of course I promptly slapped him hard, right accross the face.

After that there was shock-from both of us, apologies-from both of us, some conversation and then lots more kissing.

I promise this is true.

Love, Mom