Saturday, November 7, 2009

working it out- thankful

Today I ran 8 miles. It was supposed to be 12 but last week when I was supposed to run 10 I was feeling icky and only ran 8. Then Ty worked crazy hours and Johnny had surgery (ear tubes and adenoids, no biggie) and I had lots of orders and I still felt icky so I didn't get to run all week. I missed it. Desperately. I need the release, the challenge, the all-by-myself. Today I still feel slightly icky but I ran anyway and I am so glad. There are not many things better than the last mile of any run, be it 8 or 28 miles. I love the feeling of my heart and lungs and legs really working. I love the satisfaction that comes with having finished and cut minutes off my time. Love that I am strong and able. Love it all.

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