Friday, November 6, 2009

circle- thankful

I have three sisters and a brother. I adore them all. We get along famously and I seldom laugh as hard as I do with my siblings. They all insist on living far away from me. My beloved brother moved to New Hampshire and my sisters just won't leave Utah no matter how I beg. Sad. They are not available for last minute babysitting, random mid-week lunches, girls' night out or Sunday dinners. I don't seem to be able to do without these things. I have been greatly blessed to have dear friends who fill in the spaces left by my adored but distant siblings. Friends who talk me out of my persistent hypochondria, tolerate my ridiculous body issues and the fact that I insist on over-scheduling myself and am thus, always, slightly frantic. Friends who tell me that I am talented and brilliant just because I need to hear it, not because I actually am, who love my children, even when they're naughty,  who know exactly what's it's like to do what I do everyday. Friends who cheer loudly when I take the 'lowest score ever' honors with a 42 on bowling night, who seem to want me around even when I am crabby as all get out and who make me laugh until I am sick. Thanks, girls.


Julie said...

You're very welcome!

Carrie said...

That's what friends are for!

BTW- My eyes got a little teary. :)