Sunday, October 11, 2009

the end of the roses

Yesterday my roses were still blooming. Frankly, I was quite proud of that.Today they are shivering. This morning it was like 26 degrees outside. It was totally depressing. Lately I have read lots of blogs lamenting the end of summer. Not mine. I adore fall. The leaves all turn pretty colors and my cardigans and fall boots get to come out of storage. I love pumpkin patches, apple cider and Halloween. I cannot get enough candy corn or of the smell of leaves burning. My roses often bloom until Halloween here. I even enjoy the slight chill in the air. Emphasis on the slight. 26 degrees is not slight, plus it was dark and depressing. Winter and I do not have the same relationship as autumn and I. There is nothing redeeming about it but snowboarding and Christmas and only one of those happens in Kansas. By tomorrow the roses will be brown and crumbly, cold does not make them happy. They will not return until June, perhaps May if I work really hard. Lots and lots of rose food and fertilizer. I will console myself with the idea that next summer they will be bigger and more rosy than ever. Sigh. Stupid winter.

*No, this is not one of my actual roses. Mine still look alive. For another day or so.


Carrie said...

I love the comment about only one happens in Kansas! So true!!!

Malea said...

A-freaking-men. Fall and Spring are the porthole to my happy place. Winter= Laaaame.