Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This morning I am puttering. I am a champion putterer. In my case, such behaviour is often a sign of a sort of general satisfaction with my life. It has taken me almost this long to get my life back in order since our little jaunt out west. Finally things are back to home base and now I want to heave a huge mental sigh of relief. I am a creature of schedule and habit. I get all antsy when things mess with my schedule. Yesterday I reordered the sewing room, practiced piano and got in a good run, Tommy went to school and both boys had a playdate in the afternoon. Daddy came home for dinner and after bedtime I worked up a new project for a friend. Blissful normalcy. This morning's rain is the frosting on my cupcake.

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Linn said...

I love what you write friend!