Thursday, June 18, 2009

rose of ages

We got home on Sunday afternoon. On Monday I planted close to 130 rose cuttings. I brought them back with me from Utah. They were cut, prepared and planted the old-fashioned way. They came from my mother and her friends and neighbors and from Ty's aunts, one of whom lives in his grandmother's house and sent me home with all of Grandma Daniels' favorites. The whole thing leaves me feeling all sorts of nostalgic, having all of these roses from women who loved us the most from the time we were tiny. I never had the pleasure of meeting Ty's grandma before she passed but she and Ty were kindred spirits and now my garden is full of her. She is smiling down on my Kansas garden and my children will grow up surrounded by flowers sent by some of the women in my life who taught me how to love. Hopefully they will feel the all the kind wishes sent their way by those lovely women over the years. It makes my house feel more like home to have all these pieces of family living in the yard. Hopefully they will thrive here as we have.


Carrie said...

Jake's mom has a garden of daffodils from North Carolina. They supposedly came over with his relatives. Once I get comfortable with our garden we will be doing the same thing.

Adri said...

Love this idea, Ang. And, we loved seeing you in Denver. Thanks for connecting with us on your way through. It was wonderful!

Linn said...

Beautiful. What a sweet thought.