Friday, May 1, 2009

fine, i surrender

Yesterday I bought a new pair of earrings in my very favorite shade of blue. I bought them from my new friend Summer who is a jewelry maker. Her stuff is big and bright and I love it. (watch for a link to her new Etsy store next week) I couldn't wait to wear them. Last night I ironed my brown poplin dress and laid out my double bow ballets in the exact same blue (oh, joy!). Today was to be a very important day. Johnny would spend the morning with the sitter and I would attend preschool with Tommy. We woke to a torrential downpour that just wouldn't quit. I was undaunted. I put on my light, cotton dress and suede shoes (under my yellow slicker, of course) and off we went. By the time we finished preschool, our special lunchdate and a quick trip to procur new soccer shoes for one who has suddenly outgrown them mid-season I was damp and freezing. Instead of projecting carefree and whimsical mom-on-the-go, as was my aim, I think I probably just looked like a stupid person who neglects to look out the window prior to dressing in the morning. When we finally got home I slipped into jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a big, thick sweater. I completed my outfit with non-matching sweater socks because I think that, for today at least, function must lead form. Otherwise I could end up with hypothermia.

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