Thursday, April 30, 2009

no, i am not pregnant

This morning I am faced with a conundrum. I cannot decide between peach pie and homemade macaroni and cheese for breakfast. "Hmmmm," you are saying to yourself, "neither of those things sound like the approved sugar- free, low carb fare that if all the rage at the Daniels house lately." You are absolutely correct, but here's the thing. Last night and this morning I feel like milk toast, you know all bland and soggy, not really sick mind you, just sluggish, and when I don't feel well there are only two things I feel like eating. I assume that by this point you have guessed what they are. I suspect this is why I blow up like a balloon every time I am pregnant. Luckily for my flabby tummy both the pie and the macaroni will be gone by the end of the day and I will have nothing in the house to eat but sugar-free jello and grilled chicken breast. Long live South Beach.


Julie said...

Maybe you should try a high-carb low-protein diet for a while. I hate seeing you torture yourself.

Erin said...

One day I washed some cookies down the disposal, just to have them out of my house. Most of the time I eat all the junk food in one day to get it out of my system and then it's easier to start clean the next day. Good luck on your diet! Giving up sugar is HARD on me.

Cassi Ostler said...

I had chocolate cake and potato salad for breakfast today, right after I got home from the gym...hmmm