Friday, March 20, 2009

doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons

Last Saturday I decided that cable was ridiculously expensive and that we don't have time to watch TV anyway. Completely spur of the moment. I was so focused on returning the cable boxes and whatnot on Monday morning that I forgot something else super important (more on that little episode soon). All boxes were returned and the extra TV in the bonus room went to live in the basement. Ty still has the ginormous one downstairs for when he needs to kill aliens and zombies with his brothers, and for watching movies with the peanuts on movie nights and sometimes rainy afternoons.. I totally dig being TV-free, but for all the wrong reasons. I do, of course, love that Tommy doesn't get to watch commercials any more. He has totally stopped bugging me to buy him a Snuggie. I love that when I do watch a show (on hulu for free) it only has one commercial the whole show. I love that my boys are back to using their imaginations a little more and vegging out a little less. I love the quiet house. Mostly though, I love how much money is NOT going out of my bank account every month to a company that has a monopoly.


Carrie said...

Very impressive! Jake and I got cable for the first time the year we moved to Wichita. We still watch shows on cable, but almost all of them are from the DVR. I haven't watched the news or a talk show in forever! If I wasn't so hooked on a few series, that I like to watch on our big screen, we'd probably do the same thing.

Cassi Ostler said... are those all the wrong reasons...?

Amy said...

We moved our TV to our basement quite awhile ago. It has been so nice. I usually had it on, just for the noise. I think you will love it.

As for cable/dish/whatever, we have been living in the dark ages since we first got married. We really haven't missed out on too much!

I think you will really like it!