Friday, November 7, 2008

marshmallows for brains

Wanna laugh super hard ? It's your lucky day. This morning we all slept in a little bit-everybody got up around 8. We had nothing going on today so we puttered around in our jammies, ate a leisurely breakfast, chatted with Nana and Carrie. Nana misses her boys and Carrie's Owen is finally better enough to go back to school. We wandered upstairs to get kids dressed and put away laundry about 10. I thought about an expedition to Pump it Up or Exploration Place since we had nothing going on. At about 10:25 I put Johnny down for his morning nap and as I left his room, it hit me. Friday is a school day. Tommy should have been at school and hour and a half ago. I threw on running shorts, mohawked his hair and packed his lunch in record time and had him in the classroom by 10:50. I'll be back to pick him up at 1. I am a rock star mom, obviously.

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Sara said...

I was wondering about school! He, he, he! At least it was relaxing up to that point.