Wednesday, November 19, 2008

forgiveness?- thankful #39

This is my sister Cassi and her husband Allan. I adore Cassi. I count her among my most beloved friends. Yesterday I called her with a brilliant idea which at the time I thought required her participation. Unfortunately she already had something else in the works and couldn't participate. I responded with"That's dumb!" (I know, eloquent, right?) and proceeded to convince her that my idea was better. Of course it wasn't and I totally hurt her feelings. She, however, stuck to her guns. Good for her, bad for me (for hurting her feelings). Who do I think I am? George Bush? I was easily able to make my idea work another way but this post is to inform my fabulous sister that I'm sorry (again) and I will try, in the future, to not be an obnoxious and stupid know-it-all.

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Cassi Ostler said...

Silly Sister, I simply love you WAY to much to let that little tid bit bother me, plus in your defense, you are right a rather large amount of the time...;)