Thursday, October 30, 2008

with benefits

Reasons I loved my job today:
1. I attended my first appointment (HVAC man to do maintenance) in my pajamas and the other party could say nothing about my stripey pj pants and lack of mascara. It's my house and I am the employer, I'll wear whatever I feel like.
2. I work in one of the sunshiney-est buildings I have ever been inside. Especially in the morning there are floods of sunshine everywhere. Heaven.
3. My job requires dancing, playing, imagining, singing, and first aid, all of which I am good at.
4. My other tasks can be done in whatever order I deem appropriate and usually don't have a firm deadline.
5. My friends can and often do visit me at work. Any time one does we put on a pot of tea (or diet coke with lots of ice) and can chat for as long as I feel like (or until someone has to be picked up from preschool)
6. My work environment reeks of me. Art I love, colors I love, furniture I love and when there is something I don't like I can change it any way I like. Also, I get to choose all the smells, For example right now my whole house smells like pumpkin pie all the time. Because I love pumpkin pie and I think it's seasonally germane.
7. We get to read stories all the time.
8. On beautiful, 75 degrees October days I can choose to spend much of my workday at the playground and get brownie points for doing so.
9.Every single day of my life includes tickling and laughing, out loud.
10. Tommy thinks I know everything and am almost always right.
11. There is nothing like coming home from the park to a house that smells of chicken roasted in red wine and garlic and mushrooms that did not magically appear out of nowhere.
12. I have 100% job security.
13. The satisfaction that comes from vacuuming in straight rows.
14. A dress code that allows for skinny jeans and scarves (oh how I love scarves) and new silver python ballet flats (remember when I said I was taking a break from buying bfs-it was a dirty, dirty lie)
15. The fact that my job description includes finding the perfect apothecary jars for the mantle.


erin said...

I love it! What happiness!

Nate and Di said...

It really is wonderful!!

Haley said...

are you really so perfectly optimistic all the time? you are always writing about how much you love parenthood, and I am constantly wondering if I need counseling to undo the effects of motherhood. do you have real kids that throw multiple tantrums, hate to get dressed, and destroy your house? I love you for it- maybe you could throw some of your mental karma my way.

Julie said...

It sounds so much more fun and interesting the way you describe it.

Carrie said...

We do have the best jobs in the world!

Dena said...

Oh my sweet wonderful daughter, mother of my grandsons, and dearest of friends, I remember feeling just like that! Of course their were times when children finger painted with poo poo, and I always seemed to be looking for someones shoes, and on vacation when all 5 of you threw up in the back of the station wagon...I do love being a Mom, now and forevermore. Hopefully, the same to you, but more of it!
Love, Mom

Regi said...

You are super skinny! I loved this post. I hate vacuuming usually I just make Dylan do it.

Cassi Ostler said...

I love this post! You are super fab! I just may steal it and put it in a book!