Thursday, September 11, 2008

raindrops in my eyelashes

Today's Schedule:
(all times are approximate)
6:47- Wake up coughing, still not recovered from stupid sinus infection
6:53- Tommy comes in and requests dinner, I wrap up in my favorite blanket and pad to the kitchen to get his cereal and juice
7:00-Check blogs and goof around on the internet instead of facing day and getting dressed
7:23-Get Johnny up and take his temperature (100.4), he will not eat but will drink chocolate milk
7:35-Get dressed, put on make-up, running out of mascara, kids watching Noggin, feel guilty
8:10- Get baby dressed
8:12- Change baby's shirt (vomit)
8:17- Get Tommy dressed (while playing "wrestle")
8:31- Look for Tommy's shoes
8:46- Eat a bowl of cereal in dirty kitchen, no time for dishes
8:51- Strap baby in car
8:54- Retrieve Tommy from puddle jumping
8:56-Pull out of driveway
9:03- Arrive at Dr.s office (9:00 am appointment)
9:20-See Dr., Johnny still has raging ear infection after 8 days on super antibiotic, bad, referred to specialist, today.
10:13-Stop at Walgreen's for 3 things, spend $50 on who knows what
10:45-More chocolate milk for baby, must take early nap because specialist appointment is during nap time
10:59- Change icky diaper, put baby in bed
11:03-Change baby's shirt (vomit)
11:10- Start movie for Tommy, stupid Xbox takes three tries to work, feel guilty
11:21- Decide to work on horrifically large sewing project for Christmas, have taken this project on in spite of complete lack of skill and experience, will end well. Find sewing surprisingly soothing, chat with Mom while working. Results mixed.
12:36- Tommy declares lack of hunger
1:16-Wake-up baby, more chocolate milk, new shirt, Tommy still not hungry
1:28- Arrive at Specialist's office (1:30 appointment)
Wait forever in really boring waiting room, all grouchy grown-ups and no toys, Tommy chatters non-stop to anyone and everyone, only nurses respond. Tommy cannot remember about his inside voice, getting a headache
2:31-See Specialist, Johnny needs tubes, probably isn't hearing well due to infection, fabulous.
2:37-Back to same waiting room to wait for scheduling lady to schedule surgery-losing it now
3:05-Schedule surgery-next Tuesday morning
3:12- Stop at Sonic to self-medicate with a diet coke and get a grilled cheese for Tommy , who is now famished
3:27- Rush home, playgroup is meeting at our house in 3 minutes
3:33-5:15- Several people call and suffice it to say no one comes to playgroup but nothing important gets done except the dishes and a little blogging
5:45- Start dinner-lost track of time
6:15- Feed kids and self
6:22-Husband is home, feed him
6:37- Baths
6:48- Sit on upstairs couch with husband feeling like slug while children strive to achieve a water level of 1.5 inches on the bathroom floor
7:01- Get Johnny ready for bed, slippery with lotion, he escapes my grasp several times but is very cute while doing so
7:12- Johnny to bed (30 minutes late)
7:16- Attempt to lotion and pajama Tommy while playing "tackle", is tricky, but lovable
7:41- Read stories and pray
7:53- Tommy in bed (23 minutes late)
7:54- Change into running clothes and gulp down half of a Gatorade
8:02- Run six miles, in the dark, blinking raindrops out of my eyelashes, grinning like a fool, the whole time
8:59- Home, decide to blog (again) before doing dishes because it's more fun
9:41- Ready to post, and do dishes, again


Nate, Di, and Chase.... said...

Is motherhood the greatest!:) I'm so sorry Johnny needs tubes. We'll be thinking of him (and you) Tuesday!

Amber said...

What a day. Depending on how you look at it, tomorrow is another day (new day with no problems yet or another day of more of the same). Hoping for sunny weather.

Adri said...

Love this post. Motherhood is so up and down. You captured it perfectly!
So sorry to hear about Johnny, although I've heard stories about the miracles tubes can work. So, here's to no more ear infections!