Monday, September 1, 2008

the good old days

Remember, before you had kids, when someone would throw-up, how you would be all grossed out and it was a really big deal. And then some custodian or something would clean it up while you left the room delicately holding your nose? Yeah, me too. That was really great.


erin said...

Hee! Hubby is sooo sweet and stays home from work when the kids and I are puking because I CANNOT STAND PUKE. Blood, boogers, poop - I can handle most anything but puke.

Also, I hope this post is just a random musing and not about anything that is going on in the Daniels household right now.

Rebecca said...

Hey there!

My space had to go private because the last post illicited some really scary views. I guess putting the title with Maids and 14-15 yrs old got the pervs all excited.

I think I will just start over on blogspot. I will let you know.

Puke doesn't get me. Snot does.

Rebecca said...

Also, I can spell. Elicit.

Andrea said...

Yeah. I could use a trashcan filled with saw dust just like the old days too. What's even worse than puke lately is the mess under Leah's chair after I let it go a little longer than it should have (I won't admit to how long....). When I finally sweep it into the dust pan and realize, THAT was on my floor?!?

Linn said...

Absolutely hilarious! Hey, I think you figured it out. I don't need a nanny or a maid, I need a custodian. Where do you go about hiring one of those for your home?