Thursday, June 12, 2008

key to my heart

Yesterday I lost my keys. Until the birth of my second child I had never lost a set of keys in my life. Since John was born it has happened three times. All three times I eventually found them in some random place (i.e. the writing drawer, in the mailbox lock,in the front door) This time they were nowhere. I had both kids in the car ready to take Tommy to school when I discovered they were missing. My poor boys waited patiently in the car for 30 mintues while I frantically searched. At that point I brought them in the house. I spent the rest of the day looking. I went through every drawer, closet and toy bin in my house. We couldn't go anywhere. Tommy missed school and we didn't go to the pool as planned in the afternoon. I kept waiting for him to throw a fit about all that he was missing. He didn't He just watched movies and played with his trains and clamly reassured me,"Don't worry, Mommy, you'll find your keys." all day long. Johnny sweetly followed me around all day cooing and snuggling whenever I picked him up, loving me desperately even though I was an idiot. I looked all day. I also managed to shatter a fluorescent light tube all over the carpet in Tommy's room and got to spend an hour picking up tiny shards of glass before I could vacuum the rest. I called the Honda dealership and was told that they could make me a key with my title and ID. Feeling very relieved I got a sitter and took Ty's truck (luckily he had ridden his bike to work) and headed over. When I got there they told me that the key they could make would only unlock the doors, not drive the car. Not helpful. If I wanted one that would drive the car I had to have it towed over there and it was going to cost a lot more money. Super. I went home and continued looking. When Ty got home we both looked until bedtime. At that point we had decided that I would have to give up and have it towed. I got up and ran early and then I called AAA and I called the same friend as yesterday to come watch the kids, again. (Bless you, Amber) They said the tow truck would be here in an hour. While we were waiting my dear friend Katrina called and comiserated, telling me of a time when she had lost her keys for several hours and they had been on the roof of her car. Just then the truck arrived. We answered the door and Tommy told the nice driver all about how we had lost our keys and Mommy had to go to the key store to get new ones. I went to open the garage to let him in and there, sitting on top of the car are my *$^#&@ keys. I shamefacedly informed him that we would no longer require his services as the lost keys had been discovered. My little boy was thrilled. It is lovely that my little boys love me no matter what happens. Even when I am the least intelligent person they know.


Cassi Ostler said...

Wow, I just don't know what to say about that. That REALLY sucks! I bet its funny now though!

Andrea said...

That is so aggravating!! There are very few things that really get my blood BOILING and having lost keys is one of them. Especially when it was my husband that last drove the car. Don't even get me started!!

Glad you found yours!!!

The Busby Family said...

I'm so sorry, what a frustration day. I'm glad you finally found your keys. I'm glad you had such a great day after that.