Saturday, May 10, 2008

so I went for a run...she said offhandedly

I did it! I ran my first 10K today. Wichita has a big street festival every year and they kick it off with a 10K race in which I participated. I, obviously, did not win. My time was 1:08- this is not very fast but it was faster than lots of other people who ran the race. I got a t-shirt and even a medal. It felt great and I continued to feel great all day. I am training for several other races and unfortunately for you good folk you will probably have to hear about all of them, for a while at least. I am almost embarrassed about how much I am loving this whole running thing. For once, I am thrilled to have been wrong.


Linn said...

You are the woman! Way to go. You have inspired me and I have been running for the past three weeks. Who would have guessed? No 10Ks yet, but I look forward to it every morning. Way to go my friend!

PS. Love the new picture.

The Busby Family said...

Good job! THat is so awesome. I need to get back into running also. I want to run the Baltimore 1/2 marathon in october, but i don't know if that will happen. I need to find time to get back into it and get all this baby weight off. Good job runner.

Julie said...

I'm very proud of you! I can't wait to run with you.