Sunday, April 6, 2008

halcyon days

Tommy really likes big words. Real or imagined, the bigger the better. "That will be interesting (or fascinating or important or impressive or a made-up version of any of the above)!" He has so much to say, so much to ask. He is impulsive, excited, careless and kind. He is tender-hearted and adventurous. He cries at soccer because it is to cold and again later when I tell him it is time to come inside, after all, it's getting cold out. Mowing the lawn with Daddy, sweeping the floor for Mommy, building forts for his friends. He desperately wants to please all of those he loves, especially me. He adores his little brother. Johnny adores him right back. Johnny, who can cross a room in less than a minute regardless of the fact that he has not yet learned how to crawl, whose face lights up every time any member of the family crosses his field of vision. Johnny who cannot eat or sleep if his brother is in the same room because he is too busy staring rapturously at him. Johnny, who snuggles into my hair every chance he gets and is thrilled as long as I am within his sight. Johnny, whose blue eyes have every lady in the grocery store wrapped around his little finger with one giggle. Both of their little worlds revolve around me. I am the sun in their universe. I don't want it to end or even go on. I could do this forever. Every day is full of tiny, perfect moments. I don't want to let them go, ever.


Reluctant Nomad said...

this is so lovely Ang. I WANT to feel this way. Thanks for reminding me that it's possible.

Linn said...

I love it Ang! Thanks for reminding me why I do what I do.

erin said...

It is so true! These years are precious, and you have some cuties to share the time with!