Sunday, March 2, 2008

where the heart is

Here in Kansas we are having our first really big thunderstorm of the season. I love storms here. The rain pours down in sheets, the sky is purple and the lightening lights up the whole house. We got home from St. George just in time. We had a wonderful time seeing all of our friends and running around in the lovely 70 degree weather, but we missed what has, surprisingly quickly, become home. The kids loved to see all the grandparents, Zions, Red Rocks and all the new friends (all of our friends' children whom he has never met because we so seldom go home). The baby stopped sleeping through the night and Tommy managed to catch that version of the flu not covered by the vaccine. Ty played video games with his brothers every night and went climbing during the day. I had lots of Grandmas to play with and ooh and aaah over my children. It was wonderful. There is , however, nothing like walking into your own house after an extended period away from home. I love that sense of instant well-being that comes with being home. I put my babies to sleep in their own beds and put my shoes in my very own closet, sigh. So happy to be home.

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erin said...

I'm glad you guys are home and getting settled in!