Friday, August 3, 2012

what a difference a day makes

One year ago next week Ty came out to Memphis for his final interview for a job. It was a really exciting opportunity and we were thrilled when he got it. Thus began one of the most difficult years of our lives. He moved to Tennessee in September. We planned to follow shortly thereafter when our sold, but it didn't. And didn't, and didn't. After almost 7 months of living apart, of not being able to plan anything more than a few weeks in advance, of constant stomachaches and heartaches, we decided to move forward. We found a new home in two days, Ty did it without me. The kids and I moved in on April 1. They started school and I started trying to build our lives here, always with that unwanted tether to our old life. We finally closed on the Kansas house earlier this week. It sold for far less than we ever imagined and it will take us years to recover from the financial hit we've taken on this. That fact makes the closing bittersweet and I'm not quite used to the fact that this is finally over. But. I love it here. Our town is delightful, it has a lovely sense of community and an old fashioned town square that everyone adores. It's beautiful here, the flowers are vibrant and enormous, people are polite and thoughtful, my kids' schools are fantastic. This place is a perfect fit for us. Regardless of the cost, I would pay it again to be here now. I am so happy and so, so ready to be looking towards the future instead of the past.


Adri said...

Oh, Ang, we can totally relate to the losing on the house, thing. It is so frustrating to PAY so dearly to sell a house. It just seems backwards. But, I'm so glad you are together again, and enjoying your new home. Miss you!

Julie said...

Miss YOu!

Suraj Gurau said...

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