Friday, August 31, 2012

the thing about laundry

I have this plan. It's such a great plan. I want to do one load of laundry every day. Simple, no? I put it in when I first get up and then sometime during the day take the ten minutes to put it away. Voila! No more mountains of laundry that require me to download a full movie to the ipad to even consider being able to fold and put it all away. I am usually so good at this sort of plan. I never, NEVER go to bed with anything but a sparkling kitchen, and if I leave the house without beds made and dishes done in the morning something has gone horribly wrong with the routine and I will feel anxious about it all day.  Possibly this is not a 100% healthy attitude towards this whole thing but I figure everyone has their thing and mine is a very productive thing to have, so, raspberry. Anyhoo, it's seems like this whole laundry thing should be so easy to incorporate into my already sort of regimented schedule, and it is, for like two days and then it all falls apart. And now it's Friday and I have an enormous pile of clean laundry on my bedroom floor waiting for me to choose the appropriate movie. Next week for sure. I have a plan. For reals this time. Please feel free to ask me how I'm doing on this, because seriously, the amount of time I am spending thinking about it is just preposterous. Next week I will tell you all about how I have to get up waaay earlier and how hate that but I will do it anyway because I have this thing about laundry and beds and stuff. I also vacuum in straight lines but that's a whole other story.


Andrea said...

I have laundry issues too. I despise clean laundry. Dirty laundry too, of course. But it's so easy to make dirty laundry clean. That happens in piles and wads and throwing and tossing and a push of a button. Clean laundry, on the other hand, takes folding and hanging and carefully stacking and putting away and if you don't get to the load when it's still slightly warm you have an entirely enormous wrinkle problem to deal with. And just when you think you have finally conquered(!!) the day ends and the pile of laundry starts over. (sigh)

Linn said...

Oh my word, don't get me started. That is honestly EXACTLY how I deal with laundry. (And it appears the house in general. Except the movie thing, why do I not like movies? I swear it makes my life harder that I don't.) Anyway, I struggle with this exact problem. I know how fabulous life can be when I just get the big old load done and how miserable I make it when I don't. It isn't hard. Why don't I do it?! Errr, when you find the answer, I'd appreciate knowing.

Maybe you and I can have a competition to see who can go the most days in a row of one load of laundry (can we skip Sunday, I don't do laundry on Sunday). Winner gets a gift card from the other person to buy some clothes. You know, so we have more things to wash.