Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Lately I'm glad. Glad, glad, glad. I'm so glad about the sunshine. I could lie in a lounge chair soaking it up all day long. It's just so bright and wonderful. I'm glad about the torrential rainstorms we have once or twice a week. They are drenching and loud and filled with flashes of lightning. Perfect, perfect storms. My flowers are so pleased. These long-legged, tow-headed boys that run through the kitchen at top speed whilst yelling at the tops of their lungs all day long have made me so very glad lately. They are clever and funny and sweet and healthy and just delightful. I am so glad to have found teachers and schools that 'get' them, that help them find their greatness. I am so glad that I can bend in unusual ways and lift heavy things and run really far and feel great when I'm finished, what a lucky, lucky thing. I am so glad to live with and build a life with this perfect man for me. We laugh every day. Lots. I am glad to be surrounded by lovely people. There is this neverending stream of delightful people in my life. People who make me laugh, who have my back, who hold my hand, who support my heart.

Glad, glad, glad.

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Beth and Brew said...

What a beautifully expressed sentiment. I think we all need reminders of this every now and then: i.e. to count our blessings. Here's hoping you and your family continue to feel glad and blessed. :)