Friday, October 28, 2011

peck your head to a nub

We listen to audiobooks in the car. I don't do this solely because it's good for my kids. I'm sure it is, but that's not really why. See, Tommy is a smart little monkey and he has a really lot of things to tell me.  A. Lot. Of. Things. Plus, once Tommy starts talking, then Johnny feels the need to chime in and then they are both talking louder and louder over the top of each other and it's really just so very much talking. So. Much.  If I put a book on, they are instantly and completely silent.  It's pretty awesome, really.  Lately we have been listening to Junie B. Jones.  There are many of those. Many, many.  Junie has a very distinctive way of speaking. She uses lots of big words and she doesn't use contractions. It's adorable. Until I started doing it. In the last three days I have heard myself use at least three different Junie-isms.  It's probably not all that adorable coming from grown-up me. Sorry, everyone.

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Adri said...

So funny! Kate is also very much in Junie B. right now. She is always correcting Junie's grammar as she reads out loud to me. It is funny!