Wednesday, May 25, 2011

unintended guilt trip

(I am posting this generic pic of my phone because I don't know how to do that image capture thing where I can show you the screen of my phone. It would have been better, but, c'est  la vie.)

So, a few days I got a text asking if I had closed my etsy shop. Nope is the answer. The texter responded that she had noticed it was empty whilst checking my blog ( you know, the one I haven't posted to for at least umpteen weeks). Gah. She innocently highlights the two things at which I am sucking the most lately in two, succinct texts. Sigh.
And so, once again, a resolution to do better and to update those who care on the happenings around here.
The following list  details all things of importance that have happened since our last communique.

1. Tommy lost a tooth and the fairy brought him a golden dollar. Now, he is rich.
2. I went to KC with some of my favorites and sang loudly until I lost my voice at a piano bar.
3. It rained the entire weekend that my FIL was here so instead of painting, he rebuilt my bay window. He is coming to do more free work this weekend. He is my favorite.
4. Johnny had a preschool program at which he sang loudly, did all the actions and commented occasionally. Loved it.
5. We considered and prepared for and ultimately decided against a life-changing sort of decision.
6. Two of my nephews had birthdays. I called my beloved SIL only weeks ago to verify the exact dates. Then I missed them anyway.
7. Johnny learned all of his letters. Seriously, in like, a week. Thank you, Leapfrog movies.
8. That same week, he got a cavity.
9. I did not work on the apron order from a new friend that has been sitting in my sewing room for two months, but I did get fabric for new drapes in the kitchen.
10.Tommy finished Kindergarten. He did so nonchalantly and with little fanfare because he is Tommy and that's how he rolls.

There were other things but ten is a nice round number so I am stopping now. Perhaps I'll go work on that order or something. Probably, something, let's be honest.

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Emz said...

OMGosh I loved this and I loved 4 not just because I love the #4.

oh and just because I'm a dork to take a photo you push the "home" center circle button while at the same time pushing the top right power button [boooosh] we have photo.

you. are. awesome.