Tuesday, November 2, 2010

on the wagon...again

(must do more sit-ups...)
I am a serial dieter. If you have known me  longer than five minutes you know this and it is probably the thing about me that drives you nuts. It drives me nuts.  When I don't eat many (and by that I mean hardly any) carbs my body sheds fat and eventually gets to a place that I don't hate. But I love carbs. Love them. All of them. So I do really well for a while and I loose a few of those stubborn pounds and then I think of a reason why I need my carbs back. Then I plateau. If I'm lucky. This is why I am still not quite back to where I should be and the baby is three. This weekend was a carb fest. Yum. Yum. Triple yum. (five points if you get that reference). Yesterday was supposed to be the first day back on the wagon, but it wasn't. So, it's today. Sigh. If you see me about to gobble up something sweet or bread-y, slap my hand and take it away from me because while I despise dieting, I despise this tummy of mine even more. Also- Thankful posts start tomorrow. Sort of forgot it was November already. I guess that today I am thankful for the South Beach Diet and it's amazing effects when I am faithful.


Julie said...

You can't have dessert until you eat all you candy, Little Pea!

Julie said...

Me too. I blew it this weekend!

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

South beach diet - I've gotta try that. : ) Good luck!