Thursday, November 4, 2010

for health and strength- thankful

Yesterday I had breakfast with some my dearest. We were discussing my recent lackluster marathon performance among other things and I was sheepishly promising to do better next time. Then Amy piped up. I adore everything about Amy. She is kind and thoughtful and hilarious. She is one of the most genuine, sincere people I know. She also struggles with some serious health issues which I often forget about due to her boundless energy and generally sunny disposition. She told me to be grateful for a body that was able run 26+ miles because there were many that couldn't. She said this in the sweetest, most not-judgemental way imaginable. And I am a schmuck. I complain about being chubby and slow. But my body has never failed to do what I ask of it. Ever. My level of performance is limited only by my commitment and determination and the occasional virus. I spent the rest of the day vowing to show my gratitude by making better use of this amazing gift. And to be a little more like Amy.


Emz said...

I bet.

I bet. you ARE Amy. sweetest, most not-judgemental person, I KNOW.

YTB Angie!

Carrie said...

Amy is amazing... but so are you! I miss you ALL!!!