Friday, September 3, 2010

a spoonful of sugar

This afternoon I was listening to Science Friday. They had an author on that was talking about brain research and how humans percieve the world. He talked about how the negative sticks with us much  longer and more clearly than the positive. He sited a study that showed that most people when asked to name the five worst times of their lives could do it no problem but many couldn't name the five best times. As much as I complain, I can't think of five really bad times. I have had an incredibly blessed and lovely life (frantically knocking on wood). Sure there have been hard things but, for the most part, they haven't been the things that define my every day life, the things that run through my head over and over while I run. They aren't the things that last. It's the beautiful, the clean, the lovely for the most part. There's just so much of it it seems to crowd out the bad when I really stop to think.  I realize (or maybe I don't) how lucky we have been. There is just so much loveliness all around.

So there, scientists


Carrie said...

I second that! What do those snooty scientists know anyway?

Dena said...

Hurrah for the good stuff!
Truly underrated