Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the wisconsin list

(Our mom and baby group-our big ones were friends from birth and now they have multiplied)

1. Broken car DVD players make for a longer trip, but not an impossible one
2. You can get lost in a place you used to know your way around.
3. Places that are super cold in the winter are amazingly lovely in the summer.
4. Bedtime is very important.
5. I have many gracious friends who rearranged their lives to see us, I hadn't realized how much we missed them.
6. The mother I am was greatly influenced by the women that were in my life five years ago. I hope they are still in my life in fifty.
7. Real friends will forgive you for not calling in two years and might even send you home with rhubarb preserves.
8. Madison has so many great restaurants. So many. You lucky, spoiled people.
9. It's o.k. to forget camera because your friends will take pictures and email them to you. (thanks, girls!)
10. Tommy didn't really want to leave all his new (old) friends, I was a little sad too.
11. We were really happy in Madison, but it isn't home anymore. I do so love coming home.

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