Tuesday, March 23, 2010

less equals more

I never learn. This I went out with my clippers to do a little spring pruning. Eleven big black garbage bags and three huge bundles later I finished for the day. Needless to say we had to go out to dinner. As always after a good pruning session, my arms look like I am an adolescent cutter. The new neighbor asked whether i enjoy the yard work or whether I consider it a necessary chore. I told him I didn't mind it but that I really did it because I liked what came later, the growing things. In retrospect I think I love the pruning part, the getting rid of the unnecessary, excess part. It's like purging only for the yard and I am all about purging lately. Less stuff=better stuff as demonstrated by my flowerbeds.

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Emz said...

Is it odd that I like the sound of the word purge? Sounds so descriptive [sorry that's such a completely random comment]. Trimmimg is good too. ;) Wear long sleeves though or your neighbor's may call A&E's "intervention" when they see you at the grocery store with your "gardening" wounds. ;)