Monday, February 8, 2010

nervous nellie

I was never a nervous flyer. I was usually well into my book long before take-off and noticed nothing else until someone brought me a drink. If I bothered to pay attention at all I found the whole thing, I found it exhilarating and amazing what modern man had accomplished. When I have flown with my children as babies they were all that I could pay any attention to, after all flying with an infant is plenty busy all by itself. This time was a  little different. The boys are a little older and they sit a little more nicely. I had a little more time to think about all that we were risking with all my dear ones in the same flying tube. (I realize driving is way more dangerous but familiarity has made me callous about it.) You know that part at the end of Say Anything when they are on the plane and he tells her that most plane crashes take place in the first 20 minutes and that if they make to the part where they turn off the seat-belt sign then they are pretty safe. They sit there just staring at the sign waiting for the light to turn off. The movie ends with the ding. I felt the same way. I kept waiting for that light to turn off before I could quite breathe easily. On all four flights. Silly.
(vacation pictures tomorrow)


Malea said...

Yeh, we fly all the time. And I do the same thing. Every time. Actually, I'm better when everyone is together. It's the times when a portion of my family is not with me that I get nervous. If we're gonna go, I'd rather it be together. Crazy, and silly. Excited to see your pics!!!!

Emz said...

The [our] silimarities kill me. same here. movie - yep - think it EVERY time I fly [which is waaaaaaaay more than I want to]. Hhope your trip was wonderful!