Thursday, February 18, 2010

i'll write about my current experiment tomorrow

I was going to write about something else today but now I'm too excited and I can't. Guess what I found in my front yard today? Guess!

Tulips! And Irises! I know that tomorrow is going to be frigid but soon, soon, soon things will be growing and flowering and green. I feel all peaceful just imagining. And my roses are coming soon. And my garden. And Spring.


3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

I love gardening too! I'm going to take a peek outside tomorrow and see if my little buds are blooming, yet.

Emz said...

oh how I wish I had your love for all things nature-y.

Maybe I just don't know my seasons [living in AZ doesn't provide many "seasonal" things other than cool/warm/hot]

Kim said...