Wednesday, January 20, 2010

all the things that bloom in january

You may have noticed that my posting of resolutions has slowed.

Mmm-hmm. That's because I haven't finished those others yet. Or even gotten to where I'm totally consistent. For example, I had forgotten how really early in the morning 5:30 is and apparently I can turn off my alarm clock without actually becoming conscious. I have only scratched the surface when it comes to my organize /purge initiative,  but the linen closet is truly lovely. I am still tweaking a schedule that gives me time to work on my business every day and still lets me get everything else done.

This is my least favorite part of resolutions. They aren't instant. All the awesome changes I have decided upon take quite a little while to really implement. I realize that it's only 3 weeks into the new year but honestly, I was hoping to be a little farther along by now. Ah, bah. Baby steps, I suppose.

On the bright side, my Amaryllis is blooming like crazy. And last night I dreamt of peonies (the flower dreams are getting a little out of hand, but hey that means flower pics two days in a row).

#7-Stay the course and be patient


Julie said...

oooooOOOOoooo art inspiration!

Linn said...


Malea said...

Whenever I hear/see the word amaryllis, I think of Winthrop Paroo in "The Music Man" saying, "No, thank you, AMARYLLITH!"

Emz said...

I love #7. I hate being patient. Which means = I really suck at it.

you're awesome.

When's your marathon? :)