Wednesday, November 11, 2009

because i got my feelings hurt- thankful

We are not alike, you and I, but I have always thought that we were kindred spirits. I love you and the influence you are in my life. When I asked you about it and you were condescending, it hurt my feelings. Because of that I kept thinking about it. This time I'm right and I think you were defensive because you know better, that's how I get when I know better, too. It was just a little thing but it sends several really big messages, lessons you don't mean to teach. We both know that you are better at this whole gig than I am but when you said I really didn't understand how it was yet, you were wrong. It 's just that my view was from the other side of the table. When I said I would never, I meant it. I will never. That's why I am thankful, because I hadn't really thought about the slippery slope. I hadn't ever considered the specifics from this side of the table. Hadn't thought about the big messages I am sending with the little things I do. How much more aware I must be from today on. Of all the little things. And the big lessons. I'm not writing to be passive aggressive, even though, sometimes, I am. I just don't want to forget this big lesson taught by a little thing.


Dena said...


Your Mother

Julie said...

I think you're right!