Tuesday, September 15, 2009

help a girl out?

On September 26 I am running Wichita's Race for the Cure. You may remember my freak out last year when they found and removed the first of the three lumps I've had removed since then. They were nothing. Every single one of them. I still can't stop thinking about all the women who waited for the same test results and got a different answer and my heart breaks for them. My sister-in-law's sister just finished chemo. I have been following her story all along and sending my good will her way, but I want to do more. So. I am running this race for Shauna and in her honor I have set the lofty goal of raising $500 (and oh, how I need your help to do it!) for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Will you help? Donate to the cause here.
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Nate and Di said...

you are amazing! you have no idea how much this will mean to my sister. it's people like you who kept her going over the past year! thank you!! we will be happily donating!

Peggy said...

Angie, this is so awesome of you! It will be one year this Friday that Shauna was diagnosed, and what a year it's been. One thing we have learned is that "people care". Thank you thank you!