Thursday, July 30, 2009

inspired by nyquil

It's late and I am wide awake reading blogs because my throat hurts. I thought, perhaps. I would post some of the things I learned this week along with other ramblings. It's probably the cold medicine typing.

  1. It was really smart of us to buy a house three miles away from Ty's office because when his truck starts acting up he can just ride his bike.

  2. Johnny is not afraid of strangers who give away free balloons.

  3. I am spending too much on groceries, must cut coupons or menu plan or something.

  4. You have to have someone to tell or it will eat you up.

  5. My sister is a greater advocate for me than I knew and apparently enjoys stroking my ego.

  6. I cannot afford all the fabric I want to buy. (See #3)

  7. My friends cheer me on when I take on the token thief at Chucky Cheese (and his mom). They are the ones who inspire me to do so.

  8. My mother-in-law has a naughty side (just a little).

  9. I miss my siblings desperately as we become parents.

  10. It only takes 19 hours to drive to DC from my house.

  11. When you have strep throat you get little red spots on the back of your throat.

  12. You are only supposed to add 10% of your mileage to your weekly total when running-bah.

  13. Tommy does not believe me about 17 being an important number to include when counting,

  14. I could (and would love to) spend a whole lot of money on heirloom roses and obscure types of raspberry bushes.

  15. That stupid hedge in the front yard has roots that stretch to Australia, but I will not be defeated.

  16. I DESPISE not seeing results for all my hard work.

  17. If you put things out by the curb for the donation truck, your neighbors may come shopping.

  18. I cannot force Johnny to eat in his booster-he just moves his place setting while I am fetching his drink. This means he spends his meals dancing around the kitchen with an ear of corn in his hand for occasional bites

  19. My heart aches for my Mom and her Dad, I really need my parents to be super healthy so I won't worry.

  20. Ikea makes really soft sheets.


Linn said...

Oh this was fabulous! Cold medicine or not, I love how you write my friend! Once again, why do we live so far away for each other? Err.

Nate and Di said...

I get so excited everytime you have a new post...i know I'm always in for a good laugh! I hope you are feeling better:)

Carrie said...

I loved reading this blog! It put a big smile on my face.

Cassi Ostler said...

Just luv you!

Mendokusai said...

I can't tell you how much I love, love, love reading your blog. It is like you still teach next door to me at Midvale. We still do turkey bowling every November and gingerbread Ancient Architecture but it's not the same without you.


Amber said...

Hope you feel better. Stay strong on the hedge roots. My nemesis is morning glory (not the good kind), I am convinced that the roots extend to China.

Dena said...

My beautiful angel daughter, thank you for your tender words. Dad starts chemo tomorrow. Surprisingly he seems ready to actually fight for his life, instead of hibernating and just fading away. For the first time since Mom died (October 2008), he is happy to have a chance to live again. He is choosing life.
I, too choose life, I, Dena Marie Schaefer Kofford chose to help my body to be its best. I will figure a time to come visit soon. Your boys are magnetic to me and I cannot stay away long. Not to mention my oldest, who is smart, kind, fun and has her own magnetism.

Love Mom