Saturday, March 28, 2009


Dear winter,

You struck a harsh blow today. The loss of all my hydrangeas, daffodils and many of my newly flowering tulips was nothing but devastating. Don't, however, think that this is over. It's not. You may have won the battle, but you will not win the war. Even as I write this, the shelf in my garage is bursting with dahlias, hibiscus, roses and even strawberries. They go into the ground this week. Come June they will be glorious and there will be nothing you can do about it. I will not go quietly into the ice. Just so you know.

Respectfully, Me


Amy said...

HeHe! Wow! Didn't know paint-ball could be so distracting. Maybe I should try it sometime:) Hilarious- sounds like someone wasn't playing with a full deck. Too bad Jury Duty couldn't be more like Perry Mason or Matlock.

Carrie said...

I will wear all black to pain train on Monday to morn your loss. However, the next day will be bright colors to signify your return.

Cassi Ostler said...

I simply adore you! You are such a hoot!