Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the air he breathes- thankful #5

When Tommy was 16 months old we rushed him to the emergency room in the middle of the night because he was having trouble breathing. They sent us home with an asthma diagnosis and a nebulizer. Over the years that have followed that little machine has been invaluable. Last night was yet another night that would have sent us to the hospital had it not been for the nebulizer. As it was we had a few middle-of-the-night treatments and were able to put our boy back into his own bed with his lungs clear. Priceless.


Erin said...

Both of my boys have had severe asthma attacks, my older boy was supposed to have brain damage from oxygen deprivation...I too am SO thankful for the air they breathe! Love the Thankful posts! Keep it up!

Carrie said...

We are very thankful for the air as well. Since my children don't suffer from asthma, I tend to take it for granted. Tommy definitely puts it into perspective.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Oh man...the joy of the nebulizer. We have one too. And with the same fishy mask! Pari Pro anyone? (Oh and my favorite nebulizer because it's so small and is multi-voltage is the Trek-S pro. It rocks.