Wednesday, November 12, 2008

addiction- thankful #23

I simply refuse to buy any plant that does not flower. When we bought this house I loved the slightly wild feel of the flower beds and I was delighted with the sheer number of them. I have since removed every plant in the yard that does not flower at some time in the year. I really don't see the point. Unfortunately I live in Zone 6 which means there are several months during the year when there is not anything that will flower outside. Luckily I have the perfect kitchen window spot for Paper-whites and Chinese lilies and Amaryllis. See they are already sprouting. By Christmas this spot will be full to brimming with yellow and white and red blooms to tide me over until spring.

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Dena said...

Wow, you are so ambitious! these plants will be blooming before you know it. And they will be beautiful, just like you. I am so thankful for you. Lucky me to have a daughter like you. Whoohoo!