Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is Tymon's truck. It is a 1999 Toyota Tacoma. It has about 30,000 miles on it. It gets 17 miles to the gallon. The last time we bought gas for this truck was May 23. Awesome, right? How did we accomplish such a feat you ask? Ty has been biking to work. It' s only three miles from our house. That was part of the reason we were looking in this neighborhood,because we wanted him to be able to bike when weather permitted. We lived here almost a year before he ever rode his bike. We never got around to getting it tuned up and the roads were not so great for biking. When gas prices got close to $4 a gallon Ty decided it was time to give it a try. It gas been so good for him. He gets a little exercise every day, a little sunshine, it's a stress reliever and I think he likes how the other guys at work think he's crazy to do it. Today it's raining cats. The gas tank is empty so he drove to work and stopped at the gas station on the way. I know he didn't want to do it- he's been putting it off for days. Who knows, maybe this tank will last until Halloween. Is it wrong to be a little grateful for a gas hike that finally motivated us to do what we should have been doing all along?


Julie said...

Maybe I should put Zach in a sling and Nate in a bike attachment and bike to preschool! I'm so impressed with the level of physical fitness at the Daniels house.

Regi said...

Way to go Tymon!

Linn said...

That is way impressive! We have a 1999 Honda Accord with only 30,000 miles on it, but that is because it belonged to Jacob's grandparents. Although, we've barely added any new miles to it because Jacob also bikes...to school. Fantastic, isn't it?