Sunday, March 23, 2008

nothing of consequence

Nothing terribly earthshaking in Kansas this week. All the action was at Nate's house in Utah (see previous posts). We went to three Easter egg hunts- Tommy only sort of gets the idea. He finds the goodies inside the plastic eggs very distracting and forgets what he is doing, It took all day to find the twenty or so eggs that I hid around the living room. It was surprisingly fun to get coordinating outfits for the boys. Of course they both had spots on them before we even left the house. I went "antiquing" for the first time yesterday, I found a great side table for the living room and a chair for my bedroom as well as several odds and ends. It was great fun. Tommy had the whole week off from school. It was really great to have no schedule for about two days. We are schedule people and can't wait to get back to regular life this week, we need to be busy, we're happier that way. I went for my first run. Four miles. I cheated, but only a little and not as much as I expected. I also didn't hate it as much as I remembered. I didn't love it, but there is more hope than I expected at this point. Spring is finally here and the Tommy comes in every evening covered in dirt, leaves, grass, water or some combination of the previous. I love little boys.

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erin said...

weren't we supposed to hang out last week? how did i not remember until an entire week later? we'll just have to go to the zoo or exploration place another time!